July 2022 AMCer

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Naomi Kloboves

My age: 5 months

My favorite things to do: watch my dogs play, listen to my father sing, dance with my Mom

Number of siblings: no human siblings but two furry siblings!

Number of surgeries to date: none yet but two planned for when I am 18mo old

Assistance provided: out-of-pocket insurance expenses related to physical/occupational therapy at The Paley Institute

Early Intervention requires extensive physical/occupational therapy

Naomi was born on February 16th 2022 in West Palm Beach, Florida at St. Mary’s hospital. Noel, Naomi’s Mother, is truly grateful she was able to have the birth at that particular hospital because it gave them the opportunity to meet folks from The Paley Institute when Naomi was just one day old.

At three weeks old Noel and Naomi started visiting The Paley Institute regularly for occupational and physical therapy.  Naomi’s biggest achievement so far is how loose her shoulders have become and how straight they’ve been able to get her wrists/hands. Since Arthrogryposis causes stiff joints, any range you can gain in those joints in the first months of life is a huge undertaking but also a lifelong, major benefit to the AMCer.

Noel’s big goal right now is for Naomi to some day have complete independent use of her arms! With the help of her parents and friends at The Paley Institute, they are sure to make miracles happen.

A note from Naomi’s Mom

At 20 weeks pregnant We found out our daughter Naomi would be born with Arthrogryposis. In the ultrasound, it showed her hands were bent inwards and that there was no movement in her upper extremities. It was an extremely stressful and scary pregnancy as our doctors knew nothing about this condition. Fast forward to 38 weeks pregnant, when we met our doctors at The Paley Institute. The doctors there informed me that they would be able to help and immediately scheduled me to have a c-section in order to protect Naomi from further complications during birth. The team at The Paley Institute came to see Naomi when she was just one day old and she started physical and occupational therapy at three weeks old. She has been going twice a week for the last three months and has had three sets of splints made. More recently she started serial casting.

We are so fortunate to live so close to such amazing doctors! Her new splints with the wrists facing upwards are a miracle! We’re continuing physical and occupational therapy twice a week. Even though it’s really tough, she is such a strong little girl. We are doing our best to keep up with copays and everything we need to do so we can continue Naomi’s treatment. We reached out to Helping AMC Families to apply for help with some of the medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses we’ve been left with. We are eternally grateful for the assistance they’ve been able to provide for us!

Flash Forward to 2023!

An update from Naomi’s parents

We would like to thank Helping AMC Families for helping with Naomi’s medical bills. She has been in occupational therapy since 3 weeks old and it has helped her tremendously. Some treatments include stretching, casting and splinting. Naomi is almost 10 months old and is able to pick small objects. She is able to press the buttons on her favorite toy to make it play music for her to dance. She brings so much joy everywhere she goes. We are so grateful for the help we have been given by HelpingAmcFamilies so our friends at Paley Institute can continue her treatments. 

If you would like to help an AMCer like Naomi,
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Nana : Would you rather be rich or kind?

Ana : Kind

Nana : Why?

Ana : Because kind people do beautiful things.

– AMC Princess Ana & Nana

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