Helping AMC Families presents…

Hands in Harmony

a benefit concert featuring

Barnaby Bright
Rion Paige
Marna Michele

May 22


6pm ET
3pm PT

You can click on the artist/band name(s) above to find out more about them!

Barnaby Bright

Nathan and Becky Bliss have made some cool Americana records, lived in Brooklyn, Nashville and Kansas, toured coast to coast, run out of money, toured Europe, run out of money again, won high-falutin’ prizes for songwriting in New York, generally not argued, done benefit shows for prestigious US AAA radio stations, given away 200k+ tracks on Amazon, kept writing, built an audience, been named one of Amazon’s Top 100 albums of the year, played Lincoln Center & NPR’s Mountain Stage, eaten copious amounts of vegetarian food, attracted 19k+ listeners a month on Spotify and opened for Norah Jones & the Lumineers. 

Rion Paige

At the age of 13, Rion Paige mesmerized the crowd and judges on Season 3 of The X-Factor with her infectious smile and soulful singing. Under the guidance of pop superstar Demi Lovato, Rion went on to finish fifth place in the competition, using her experience and talent as a platform to reach today’s youth. Nothing has slowed Rion down from reaching her dreams, not even Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a lifelong condition that causes the joints in her hands to curve, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks. Rion owns her condition with grace, describing it as her “difference,” rather than a disability. “I just have to learn to do things differently,” she explains.  Now at 21 years old, Rion’s journey is just beginning, as she continues to use her gift of singing to inspire others. Through pursuing her social work degree at Trevecca Nazarene University , Rion is discovering her purpose and growing in her walk with Christ.

Marna Michele

Marna Michele is a singer/songwriter based out of Orange County Ca. She was born with Arthrogryposis. Marna has achieved many things in her life such as singing with the Long Beach Symphony at the age of 13, winning a competition called OC Icon while competing with over 200 people at the age of 17. She has sung The National Anthem for The Angels stadium at the age of 25, and the same year performed The National Anthem with the Pacific Symphony in front of 15,00 people. Marna has been featured in two Buzfeed videos where she spread awareness for Arthrogryposis. She even shared a stage with the men from the hit show Full House! At age 26 Marna Michele dropped her first album. And in the year of 2019 at the age of 27 she finally made it onto American Idol! One of her biggest accomplishments to date! Showing the world that just because she sits down in a chair doesn’t mean she can’t stand out on stage. You can find her music on all streaming services.

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